The time for awareness is over… it's time to take action!

“Actionists do more than just raise awareness, they take action and make the world a better place!”

The Actionist Club is an early-adopter pass for the DUGUTOPIA metaverse! Each Actionist NFT holder will have proof of their dedication to making an impact in the world! Together we can build a collaborative ecosystem which drives sustainable action on scale!

Let's Change the World Together!

DUGUTOPIA is a collaborative and impact driven metaverse ecosystem. When you take action in the digital world, sustainable action will occur in the real world, sponsored by brands!

The goal is to offer its users/players a game-like experience which is fun, and engaging that stimulates people to learn why and how to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle, as well as creating Real-Life Social and Environmental Impact. Click the link below to join the beta!

DUGUTOPIA is more than just an idea, it is a movement made by the youth, for the youth! We believe in moulding our economic and incentivization models towards purpose! We have a multi-year growth strategy to deploy our own Layer one solution aimed at incentivizing the youth to generate impact, and turn activism into ACTION!!!

So what are you waiting for? Join this exclusive community and show off your commitment to doing good and being the change, because it’s YOUR Future!


There are three tiers of prices: Public, Affiliate and Whitelist, to get our whitelist, you must be in the first 500 people on the discord or win a competition. Community partners will be opening selective pre-mints at the affiliate price. Public price will open at 5,000 sales.

Whitelist: 2.5 SOL
Partner Pre-Mint: 4 SOL
Public: 5 SOL

Supply and Allocation

There will be 10,000 Genesis Actionist NFTs, each NFT character is completely unique with different expressions, hair, outfits, backgrounds, colours, and these assets will be integrated into the DUGUTOPIA metaverse!

Impact : 25%
Treasury: 40%
Development: 25%
Marketing: 10%

Transfer Tax

There is a transfer tax for secondary trades on all NFT’s, which leads to more Sustainable Actions! We will also use the tax to continue to grow the DUGUTOPIA Treasury, roll out more features, and continue to develop DUGUTOPIA

Total tax: 10%
Impact : 2%
Treasury: 4%
Development: 2%
Marketing: 2%

Road Map



    1. 1. DUGUT APP Beta - Launched
    2. 2. DUGUTOPIA Promo Alpha - Launched
    3. 3. Launch of ACTIONIST Series Whitelist and Partnership Competitions - Q2
    4. 4. Launch of Sustainable Action NFT Marketplace - Q3
    5. 5. NFT Public sale, Reveal and Impact Campaign updates - Q3


    1. 1. DUGUTOPIA Treasury Fund Launch - Q1
    2. 2. DUGUTOPIA Network Token ICO - Q2
    3. 3. DUGUTOPIA Sustainable Action Smart Contract System Launch - Q3
    4. 4. DUGUTOPIA beta testing Metaverse - Infinite Section - Q4


    1. 1. DUGUTOPIA beta testing Metaverse - Finite/Decentralized Section - Q1
    2. 2. Claim your plot of land in DUGUTOPIA (valued at $1000) - Q2
    3. 3. Launch of Social Reputation Token and User Generated Content - Q3
    4. 4. Full Decentralized solution running... scale the do good economy - Q4

So..what are you waiting for, secure your first collectors item now and be a part of the change!


DUGUT is developing a native blockchain to facilitate proof of impact and drive sustainable change on scale! We plan to continue to build the IP around this project, as well as build massive utility around the NFT's. As a early adopter of DUGUTOPIA and a holder of the Actionist series, you will get the following features:

Metaverse Land: 1 piece of land in DUGUTOPIA, the price of which will be 2-4x higher than the price of the NFT, guaranteeing a ROI for investors who hold until we deploy full utility!

Access to membership benifits and investment opportunities: Whitelist for Utility token ICO as well as other early adopters perks and investor opportunities!

DUGUTOPIA Treasury Dividends: As we build the economic treasury of dugutopia, a portion of the revenue generated by the cash flow producing assets we accumulate will be shared with the Actionist NFT holders, Sustainable Actions, The Community token and Network token!

DuGut App,
Company and Foundation

This once-in-a-generation chance to build a better future is already at the top of everyone’s agenda, with Millennials (24-40) and Gen-Z (9-24) driving the rally. The DuGut Foundation is the first real Foundation for the younger generations by the younger generations. Most of our staff is below 30. Guided by seasoned professionals, we empower them to reach their peers with sustainable messages. All our content is created by young people and posted on the channels they prefer.

DuGut introduces an Engaging and Fun Platform that aims to connect, raise awareness to change behavior of the younger generations, so they can take real-life sustainable actions, free of charge… 1 Micro-Action at the time! DuGut can offer these Micro-Actions for free because they are sponsored by the brands that want to connect with these hard-to-reach target groups and reward them in exchange for Brand Engagement. The DuGut Platform will utilize all the modern technologies, including blockchain and our own NFT sales.

The DuGut Company is a Social Venture that is profitable by design. Our single goal is to enable Action, inspire the younger generations to drive change and build a new sustainable economy. DuGut has got its own content team(s) that travels the world and develop Sustainability Campaigns that enable users to learn about our problems, but also solutions so they can take Real Micro-Actions, such as cleaning up plastic waste, plant a tree or feed a kid in need for a day, etc..

Within the value chain there are four distinct parties: Users, Brands, Influencers and Causes. 1. Users want to have fun, learn about a more sustainable world, and feel good for taking action. 2. Brands want to raise awareness of their efforts, spend their CSR (Sustainability) tax benefits on worthwhile causes and generate brand loyalty doing so. 3. Influencers want to find relevant content to cover, that allows them to get paid and increase their credibility with their audience. 4. Causes want to get funding as well as increase the awareness of the issue they are helping to solve.

We are headquartered in Porto Portugal with offices in Silicon Beach California (USA) and The Netherlands. We are also Represented in Brazil – South America, Canada – North America, Kenya – Africa and Hong Kong and Indonesia – Asia.


We plan to begin funding five of our sustainable actions with the launch of this NFT. As we continue to work on partnerships, some of these Actions will be sponsored and the funds will be doubled or even quadrupled to increase the sustainable change we are generating!

The first five sustainable actions funded by the Actionst NFT and available on the marketplace are:
1. Reforestation - Planting trees!
2. Building Biosand Filters - Providing access to clean water!
3. Funding wildlife conservation - Protecting endangered animals!
4. Cleaning our oceans - Removing ocean plastic!
5. Feeding those in need - Investments in renewable energy powered sustainable agriculture!